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Cape Cod Hip Hop & Jazz was founded in July 1999 under the direction of L.A. dancer and choreographer Coby Vincent. Coby and his wife Tanya Vincent provide a dance environment to those looking for a means of performance expression outside classical training. Our classes are a place for both boys and girls to explore a diverse culture of dance styles, music, and technique. Cape Cod Hip Hop & Jazz has grown rapidly in response to our young enthusiastic approach to teaching.

There are three forms of dance that are taught within their program. Hip Hop is the main focus comprised of pop culture dance moves and current up to date style choreography. Jazz is the second style explored not only for technique but, as a means to use any style music instead of just focusing on Hip Hop beats. The newest form of dance Coby has added is Rhythm Tap, which is a combination of Tap dance, Hip Hop, and percussion rhythm.

Our service provides an unwavering commitment to the community and focuses on giving productive citizens a quality clean place to explore an art form. Students will have the chance to perform several times throughout the year. The students will have opportunities to perform for community service projects and various demonstrations. Many performances are in collaboration with Atlantic Coast Acedemy of Dance, which includes our school production performance in June.

All these forms of dance offered by Cape Cod Hip Hop & Jazz allow for a wide variety of training and an outlet for expression. Whether you are young, old, male, female, professional, or just want exercise we can cover your needs in our new state of the art training facility.

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