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Class Descriptions

Beginning, Elementary, Intensive, and Advanced classes follow the same basic design. Each class however, focuses on the areas most needed for advancement. Some classes will spend more time on stretching and warming up, some classes will spend more time on choreography, and other classes will focus primarily on technique.

Beginner Hip Hop/ Jazz

Beginner classes are designed for entry-level students with no prior experience. In this class students will learn the foundations needed to progress in all levels of our program. Class structure, standards, and key steps to progress to the next level will be taught in a fun enthusiastic atmosphere. Many students will stay in same level for more than one year to emphasize beginner standards before moving to next level. (This is the same standard for all classes)

Elementary Hip Hop / Jazz

Elementary classes are an entry level for a slightly older age group. This level learns at a faster pace with an increased amount of base instruction. We focus on technique and strength building for intermediate advancement. Some specialty steps are introduced to further their interest on what they might be capable of.

Performing Groups Hip Hop/ Jazz

Students are placed in this class based on ability, commitment, conduct, and understanding of general steps in beginning or elementary levels. This class also requires two years of training and an invitation by the instructor. Students will learn to develop strength, coordination, and enhance their technique to a higher level. This class is for those who desire advancement and are willing to commit to more performances.

Boys Group Hip Hop / Street dance

This class is for male dancers who want to make the commitment to advanced dance and performances. Because of its popularity it requires a standard level of basic knowledge in Beginning or elementary levels. This class is developed to enhance the quality of masculine choreography and specialty steps that are unique to male dancers. The boys in this class will primarily work on choreography, difficult Break-dance moves, tricks, and acts for shows. The Boys group requires an invitation by the instructor and enrollment in a second class to keep up technique.

Teen Hip Hop/ Jazz

Our teen class was developed for any student over 13 years of age. With this class students of all levels can enjoy learning technique, combinations, and several styles of dance. This class will work on the necessary skills to advance to our next level. Students are asked to attend all classes so that the development of skills progress evenly.

Advanced Hip Hop / Jazz/ Street Dance

Advanced level classes are for students who have had several years of training and who have been invited. These students start with advanced skills and technique and explore their capabilities in a mature environment. Technique is advanced to ensure quality to all shows, performances, or demonstrations. We train students to learn freestyle and basic choreography skills. Our goal is to develop individual dancers who can collaborate to create uniformity. We will encompass skills needed for auditions, stage shows, and tools needed for job opportunities in dance.

Beginner/ Elementary Rhythm Tap

Rhythm Tap at our beginning level introduces basic percussion rhythms and counting with the feet. Beginning or entry-level tap steps are taught and memorized while learning balancing skills. A progression of steps is taught each class that can be practiced on a daily basis for improvement.

Beginner Intermediate Rhythm Tap

Rhythm Tap at the beginning intermediate levels is taught with the same basic skills as the beginning elementary class except at a much faster pace. A wider variety of steps are taught with a greater understanding of counting skills. Intermediate combinations are taught for demonstrations and or shows.

Adult Hip Hop/ Jazz

Adult Hip Hop & Jazz classes were created for adults who aspire to learn new styles of dance in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Class is comprised of longer warm- ups, floor exercises, and stretches. After warm-ups and across the floor movements, short energetic combinations will be taught to learn new steps and hip moves.

Please Note: All students are placed in appropriate classes at the discretion of the director. Placement is based on age and ability.

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