Make-up / Hair for Performances & Competitions

Stage Makeľup:

  1. Foundation that is a tone darker than skin color
  2. Loose powder that is near the same color of Foundation
  3. Brownish Tan Blush
  4. Eye- lashes (12 and older) & Eye - lash glue
  5. Waterproof Black Mascara
  6. Liquid Black Waterproof Eye ľ Liner
  7. Brown Eye Shadow & White or Ivory Eye Shadow
  8. Brown pencil to highlight eyebrows if needed
  9. Reddish lipstick & Liner. Not pink!
  10. Bobby pins for hair/hats


  1. Loose powder that is a tone darker than skin color
  2. Waterproof Mascara
  3. Shade darker than lip color for lipstick so that you look natural but we can see your lips from stage
  4. Bobby pins for hats
  5. If not wearing a hat or otherwise directed, Spike or comb your hair in a cool hip hop style with gel and hair spray

How to Apply Eye Makeľup:

  1. If applying eyelashes do this first.
  2. Line top and lower lid with eye liner. Do not line lower lid at crease. Make sure it is a little bit lower than crease. Make sure there is an upward stroke or slant that will extend the eye upward not downward.
  3. Apply the white eye shadow on top of lid. At the crease and above apply the brown eye shadow. Finish by applying white shadow above brown right under your eyebrow.
  4. Darken eyebrows with a brown pencil. Extend eyebrows just a little making the outside brows lighter than the inside.
  5. Apply mascara even on false eyelashes. Try not to smudge.